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Rest in peace

About an hour ago, Dan (my Grandad) took his last breath. He was at home; it was peaceful, he had a young male carer with him, my mum was in the room next door and she’d been in chatting with the carer just minutes before. He called her when Dan hadn’t taken a breath for … Continue reading

The ABC Award

I’ve been tagged in another MeMe by the lovely Flumpalump (Deborabora and is called the ABC Award. The challenge is to describe myself, using the whole alphabet. Every letter. *trots off to find dictionary & thesaurus* Always cold Bed lover Chocolate eater Dale’s bird Eloquent Forgetful Good Helpful Independant Jumpy Kind Loving Mother Naive Only … Continue reading

My baby fell off the sofa

I’m pretty sure that in all those books that tell you how to raise your child, there will be a mention of something along the lines of ‘don’t plonk your nearly 9 month old on the sofa and leave them there’. Yesterday, I did just that. I plonked my nearly 9 month old on the … Continue reading

Do you like music?

I’ve been tagged by the lovely limmster (@limmster) in a music style meme. The challenge is to pop your iPod/mp3/etc on shuffle and link up the first 5 tracks. Simple! Thank you to limmster for her instructions of what to do to get the video links in, but I’m a lost cause, so did it … Continue reading

Things to do before I’m 40

I was tagged by Bessyblogs aaaages ago, to complete this blog. I find it really hard to think about what I want in over 10 years time, but I’m finally facing it and making some decisions! They are in no particular order, it was hard trying to prioritise! 1) To still have a happy marriage … Continue reading

Christmas morning

The morning hasn’t gone quite as I intended. Paige was a bloomin’ nightmare during the night – we had 4 wakes which is very unlike her. The last time she woke was 5.30. At 7 I gave up trying to get her back to sleep! We all got up, put some Chrismtas music on the … Continue reading

#NaBloPoMo Day 29 – Hair dye

Tonight I dyed my hair; it had got drastic. The roots were no longer roots, but the top part of my head. It was the week after we moved house that I last dyed it, so early August. Nearly 4 months ago! My excuses for my sorry state of hair include: mass hair loss (including … Continue reading