Pox on the horizon?

Last Monday, a friend and I went to a local garden centre that has a restaurant and young children’s soft play area (I think this kind of setup is marvellous and more places should have play areas!).

Whilst we were there, another toddler that I knew came in with her grandparents; they have N every Monday while N’s mum, their daughter, is at work. I’d only seen N and her mum on the Friday before, so introduced myself and we chatted for a few minutes whilst the girls played. Then they all went off to have lunch.

N’s mum has since messaged the group of us that met up on Friday, to say that N has chicken pox and her spots started to appear on Tuesday.

I googled (as you do!) the details of chicken pox to refresh my memory, but was pretty sure that N would have been contagious on the Monday (I only had chicken pox myself 3 years ago!). My thoughts were right; infectious for the day or two before spots appear and then until they have all scabbed over. The NHS website says that to catch chicken pox you need to have face to face contact with them – check – or be in the same room as them for 15 minutes – nearly check.

I don’t think N was in the play area for longer than 15 mins, but it was a small area and was quite stuffy as the sun was shining brightly through the closed windows. Possibly a nice environment for spreading germs?!

Incubation period is 7 – 21 days. Now, I’m guessing that it’s quite likely that P is going to get chicken pox when I weigh up the odds, but it’s a guessing game as to when the spots will appear, with a chance that she might not get it at all. Currently, she has a bad cold so we aren’t socialising, but what if she’s better soon and there’s no spots – do we go out, knowing that she could come out in spots at any time?

On the flip side, if we don’t go out and she takes another 2 weeks to get it, then we have to stay in for her to recover, that’s a long time with no social life for us! Of course, there’s also the possibility that she won’t get chicken pox this time.

Oh, what to do?!


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