Plans for the year ahead

All my blogs in November are part of NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month, a challenge to post a blog everyday for the whole month. I’m taking part in this with my friend Amy – check out her blog here!

To end my month of blogging, I liked the idea of looking forward into 2013, as there some busy times and exciting ventures ahead of us!

Pretty busy. I work for my Dad’s accountancy firm and with the tax return deadline of the 31st, there is always a lot of work to do.
We will be having a big shake up of our finances as my inheritance should be through. There will be decisions to make for the new house and some of the bigger furniture to buy, that has to be ordered in advance.

Quiet work wise; this is when my parents go on holiday for 3-4 weeks. This year, we will be dog sitting Molly for them. I don’t think P will mind, she loves her! There is a friend’s hen do at the beginning of the month, which I’m really looking forward to.
Continue planning house related stuff.

Our friend’s wedding, yay! Then hopefully in the middle of the month we should complete the purchase of our first house! So then a lot of work starts!

Finish the work on the house; decoration, kitchen flooring, some carpets, and a few other things in the kitchen/diner. MOVE IN! Then D is away for a friend’s birthday, then a stag do and then it’s my friend’s 30th birthday.

Get settled in the house. Plan P’s 2nd birthday celebrations! Start having visitors to stay, as we’ll have a decent spare room!

Celebrate P turning 2, celebrate my 30th and our 3rd wedding anniversary. Probably dog sit for my parents again as they’re on another cruise…

Er, relax?! Maybe a wedding?!

D has another stag do!

Another wedding!

October onwards…
Work picks up again. Christmas.

A busy, but hopefully rewarding, first half of the year. I’m really looking forward to it!


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