A close call

All my blogs in November are part of NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month, a challenge to post a blog everyday for the whole month. I’m taking part in this with my friend Amy – check out her blog here!

Tonight was my office Christmas do; it is my Dad’s company, so usually the hubby comes too, but we didn’t have anyone to babysit.

So I drove and went alone. In the rain. Through the large puddles. If it wasn’t my Dad’s thing, I possibly would have cancelled.

As the evening passed hubby sent me messages about the flood talk in twitter and the news. Then I found some wifi to connect to and my colleague and I find disturbing pictures of water. Hubby was texting ‘please come home soon’ and the panic set in. I said a brief goodbye to everyone, got my things and braved the rain to get to the car.

The journey home was not pretty. Lots of large puddles, 6 flooded parts of road, but luckily the roads weren’t completely deserted; I knew that I could get through. It was still fucking scary though. At one point I was biting my finger just to keep the fear in!

I got home. So very, very glad to be in my husband’s arms!


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