Feeling Chilly (a poem)

All my blogs in November are part of NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month, a challenge to post a blog everyday for the whole month. I’m taking part in this with my friend Amy – check out her blog here!

Feeling Chilly
by mugofdecaf

Icy fingers and icy toes,
That’s the way my winter goes.
Thick socks and blankets,
Warm soup and fresh bread,
Remembering to put,
A hat on my head.

I snuggle up to the hubby at night,
Sneakily, to not give him a fright,
My shivering cold body loving the warm,
Until he moves away from me,
This is my norm.

I do love a proper frosty morn,
All crisp, bright and crunchy after dawn,
As long I can feel all cosy,
In my thick winter coat,
My cheeks turning rosy.


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