Posted in October 2012

Our materialistic side

When the sale of my Grandad’s house goes through, I am due to inherit a large amount of money. It will enable us to buy a beautiful 4 bedroomed house with only a £50,000 mortgage and we are keeping money back to clear debts, decorate, buy some new bits of furniture and have some luxury … Continue reading

A journey to Birmingham

The morning was somewhat stressful. I had left myself with a lot of chores to do, a dinner to get in the slow cooker, a suitcase to pack and a house to try and buy. Add in an (understandably) impatient husband, me trying to shower and look half decent, P mooching around doing her thing … Continue reading

Naivety and Trust vs The Big Bad World

Earlier this week in mid Wales, a 5 year old girl was taken from near her home. There has been a lot of talk over social networking sites about why the young girl was playing outside at 7pm, unsupervised. The general consensus is that most parents wouldn’t do such a thing, and although I feel … Continue reading