The 5th tooth (unposted blog from about a month ago)

P got her first two teeth at eight & a half months; the bottom ones. A top tooth arrived nearly 3 months later, with another top tooth two weeks after that.

For the last two months, there have been 4 top teeth visibly sat in the gums, waiting. Lurking around. Biding their time. When the two emerged, I wondered if all 4 would descend, but they paused, went back to waiting. Like this…


P is very sensitive to teething – you know when her teeth are on the move. Every fresh bout of grumpiness, night wakes, nappy rash etc has got me peering in her mouth to see if those two lurking teeth are on their way. They are taunting us!

The other morning, my clumsy self dropped a roll on deodorant on P’s head. Oops! Cue a crying baby, a guilt ridden mother and lots of cuddles!

As I was bouncing P on the bed, finally getting some smiles and giggles, I noticed a new bottom tooth. A previously unnoticed tooth, to the right of the two (wonky!) initial teeth, which looks to be a good 2-3 days post breakthrough growth! That certainly explains the grumpy tears we had at the end of last week…


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