11 months into motherhood (an unfinished blog from 2 months ago)

I am 11 months into being a mother, the 1 year mark is approaching quickly, but I’m trying very hard to embrace it rather than dwell on how quickly time seems to have passed.

P is learning so many new things at the moment; little things, but they all add up.

  • new sounds and tones
  • a different laugh
  • a possible attempt at singing
  • trying to crawl after months of bum shuffling!
  • re-learning how to weight bare on her legs. She used to do it all the time a few months ago and then forgot!
  • how to get herself up from lying down – roll, push onto all fours, slide backwards, push up onto knees and flop backwards onto bum!
  • blowing raspberries whilst drinking water, milk or eating yogurt
  • possibly the bestest thing – waving
  • Waving…it may take her a minute to get going, but once she gets into it, she’s got it all day. She will wave at me and at Daddy. She will wave at people. She will wave at the telly. She will wave whilst eating, usually with both hands. I’ve started showing her some sign language over the past few days and her response is to (you guessed it!)…wave.

    P is a bum shuffler, which is extremely cute. It’s also practical. I watch babies that crawl, who either can’t transport things, or who have a bit of a lopsided struggling crawl if they decided to carry something in one hand, let alone two! P however, can have both hands full and still travel smoothly around. I will really miss little sprint shuffle she does; 3-4 rapid shuffles, that get her to her destination that little bit quicker.


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