Posted in April 2012

Chicken Latrobe #scsunday

It’s Slow Cooker Sunday on twitter, so time for a family favourite (my 10 month old included!). Chicken Latrobe is a tomato, bacon and chicken dish using skinless chicken thighs. There’s no cooking to do before it all goes into the slow cooker and the chicken thighs have a wonderful flavour; the texture of them … Continue reading

I was brave today

So, last week I wrote about how I had to visit the dentist and that it hurt to smile and I was a wimp, but I never wrote up what happened. Then today, I was brave. The emergency appointment at the dentist last week was horrid. The dentist (not mine, too busy in Colarado!) tried … Continue reading

More than dadadadada…

Yesterday, at 10 months, I got a proper ‘mumumum’ from Paige! Woo! We get ‘dadada’ everyday, which sometimes seems intentional for Daddy, but I’ve only heard her say a ‘ma’ sound twice before and they were both just in passing. Yesterday’s seemed to be on purpose. She was playing on the landing as I was … Continue reading

It hurts to smile & I’m a wimp

I’m not a fan of the dentist. I’ve not had an awful experience and my dentist is actually lovely, but I hate going. I don’t like the smell. I don’t like the drilling. I have a thing about certain textures and even the picking and scraping at a normal check up makes me feel sick. … Continue reading